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Hidden Entrance INSIDE Stairs To DREAM Gaming Room!
15 Jul 2021
Hidden Entrance INSIDE Stairs To DREAM Gaming Room!
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Best Pre-Built So Far: ABS Challenger ALI521 $1000 Gaming PC Review & Benchmarks

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The ABS Challenger ALI521 is the next on our list of pre-built reviews, and thus far, it has been the most impressive of the other 3 we reviewed. It has faults, but is built competently overall.
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The ABS Challenger ALI521 has a GTX 1660 Super and an Intel i5-10400F CPU. At $1000, it *is* expensive compared to the DIY approach, but it has become clear to us that this is roughly the average price for these two primary components in the current pre-built market. The weakest part is the power supply, but ABS makes up for many deficiencies of its competitors by running two sticks of RAM (16GB, too, which is better than the 8GB found in other options) and better airflow and intake on the case. ABS is a house brand of Newegg, as is Rosewill, and so the two components get the benefit of being sold directly by a retailer that has shelves of parts. We're benchmarking gaming performance, thermals, noise levels, power consumption, build quality, and more.

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00:00 - ABS Challenger ALI521 Pre-Built Review
04:35 - Tearing Down the ABS Challenger Gaming Computer
05:09 - Almost Immediately: Weird Front Panel
08:36 - MSI Continues to Disappoint
09:40 - CPU Cooler Flames & Mounting Pattern
12:18 - Power Supply & Smuggled LEDs
15:13 - Pre-Built Gaming PC Thermals (ABS Challenger)
16:04 - Gaming Benchmarks
16:30 - Cyberpunk 2077 Best Gaming PCs for $1000
17:08 - Rainbow Six: Siege (1080p, Framtimes, & 1440p)
19:43 - Hitman 3 CPU & GPU Benchmarks
20:07 - Red Dead Redemption 2
20:40 - Noise Levels
20:54 - Power Testing
22:08 - Instructions, BIOS, & Other Observations
26:16 - Conclusion & Bad Customer Support

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Host, Test Lead, Writing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman
Video: Keegan Gallick

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Hidden Entrance INSIDE Stairs To DREAM Gaming Room!
15 Jul 2021
Hidden Entrance INSIDE Stairs To DREAM Gaming Room!
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